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Hey guys! You guys should know, ever since I joined KBS this website will mostly still be about Webosaurs, but also about virtual worlds on KBS! This is the Game Of The Month on the KBS Blog (http://www.kidbloggersociety.com.)

Anyway, this game awesome! FANTAGE! Sign Up, check it out! Heres why you should check fantage out!

1. Great Graphics!

2. Lots of places!

3. SWEET items

4. Millions of players playing right now!

Betcha can’t figure out who I am! 😛 Here is one of the awesome places, they have the furniture store, and a bunch of other places!

Also, if you couldnt figure my UserName out. Im Lucky8821! Haha, so if you ever see me on there, be sure to say hi! And check out the KBS Blog!




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Hey Guys, I just became a member on KBS (Kids Blogger Society) So, you can check me out on here, or on there now! :).


Awesome! Blogosaurs!

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Hey gang! We’re happy to introduce a brand new program for all of you awesome bloggers on the island. It’s called the Blogosaurs! We want to reward all of the effort you’ve put into your blogs and raise the bar for those that want to follow in your path. The Blogosaur badge is for dinos that have proven their hard work with a well maintained Webosaurs blog!

Perks of being a Blogosaur:

* Have your blog featured on the blogroll

* Awesome Blogosaur badge for your player profile

* Gain access to a special testing site where you will be able to try out new features and give us feedback before they come out!

Requirements for becoming a Blogosaur:

**Blog Owners**

1) Have had your blog active for at least 1 month

2) Continue to post at least once a week

3) Link to http://www.webosaurs.com somewhere on the main page (a widget counts)

**Blog Authors**

1) Have been posting on another player’s blog for at least 1 month

2) Continue to post at least twice a week


From now on, all blogs featured on the blogroll will be Blogosaur blogs. We are so lucky to have as many awesome bloggers as we do, and we want to make sure that those putting in the most work get recognition for their efforts. We’ll start making this change a week from now to give everyone enough time to submit their application.

Testing Site

This is not active yet, but we will let you know once it is fully set up and ready to go. Blogosaurs will be able to come into the testing site and try out new features before we release them to the rest of the Island. You’re input and feedback will help us to make the new updates into exactly what you need. Although screenshots will not be allowed from the testing site, you will be free to write about the things you are testing out.

New Blogs

Did you end up making a new blog? Have you worked on another blog but now you write for a new one instead? As long as you can prove you’ve met the requirements we will still hook you up with a Blogosaur badge.


Sound good? You’ll need to apply to become a Blogosaur. Post your Webosaurs username and the URL to your blog as a comment on this post. Please indicate whether you are a blog owner or an author. Any extra proof that you meet these requirements will help us award the badge to you sooner. In order to keep your badge you must stay consistent with these requirements (although we do understand if you have to take some occasional time off, of course. That’s what extra authors are for!).

Please understand that it will take a few days to go over all of the applications and check to make sure that you meet the requirements. We’ll start giving out badges as soon as possible.


#2 Coin Code Contest!!

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Hi guys, Ive decided to have a coin code contest. I will release the coin code later today, and who ever gets it first… Wins!!

Coin Code: wdpqycmtdz

Code Used, Congrats to “BenWolf”


Coin Code has been released! Comment and tell me who got it!

Does this bother anyone else?? :D

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Hi guys, it’s dude. Today I was looking closely at my Webosaurs Wallpaper. And neither Horns, Pterry, Rexxy, Or Stretch, have eye pupils! Whats going on with that?? :O. Pretty weird if you asked me… :D..



And My Coin Code Contest is still going on! We only have one entry yet! Check it out and you may win!

WeboGames Results!

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Hey guys! Dude Here, Rex posted that the winners of the WeboGames are here! Heres the info that Rex gave us.

1st Place – Sludge

2nd Place- Chipmunk

3rd Place- Unicornosaur

Each one is taking away one of these one-of-a-kind WeboGames trophies to show off in their caves. We are also recognizing some players who made more than one leaderboard and proved their ability to compete in the WeboGames tournament. These players are taking home special blue medals to show off.















w00t! As for the rest of you tough competitors, the WeboGames medals will be delivered soon. Good job everyone!


Wow, another coin code contest already!?!? :O

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Hi peeps. It’s dude. I have come up with a new contest. You know how during closed beta, I always used to design armor, and banners and stuff. Well, you guys are going to design some banners for meh! Yep, once you guys send all of your banners (commenting the link so I can see it) I will pick only “3” banners I like, and a couple days later of hard deciding, I will pick the one I LOVE. So lets see what you guys can do!! 😀


We have a winner!!

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Hey guys! MM just commented in the right answer for the coin code contest! It was webosaurscheats.com

I will send him the code now!

Congrats MM.


WeboGames Rules And Regulations

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Hi guys! It’s dude. Webosaurs has created a cool new competition called “WeboGames” Rex gave some information the webogames rules and regulations! Heres what he had to say.

With the conclusion of the WeboGames Opening Ceremony we are about ready for the festivities to begin! WeboGames will officially begin on Saturday, December 19th. For those who don’t know, WeboGames will last just a little over a week – the trophy ceremony will be held December 28th. Here’s how it will work. 

* The goal of WeboGames is to make as many leaderboards as possible. This includes every game on the island, even Quizbos and Battle Arenas. 

* For every leaderboard made, the player will earn one point. On the night of December 27th, all the points will be tallied and the players with the top 3 points will earn trophies. 

* Every day or two the leaderboard will be edited. Meaning if one player is running the leaderboard, all but the top score will be deleted to give other players a chance to make the board. 

While only 3 players will win trophies, everyone who participates will get a special medallion at the end of the Games. 

Neat, huh? Neat, huh? 

Remember – it doesn’t matter what the position on the leaderboard is, just that you’re on the leaderboard. Be careful though, someone could beat your score so give it your all. If you have any questions just post on the comments. 

Wow, WeboGames is really cool! What game are you going to rule in!? :).




Nobody has gotten the coin code contest question correct yet!

Keep Trying!

New game! “WoodChop”

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Hi guys! It’s dude, Webosaurs released a new game called “WoodChop” It’s pretty cool! Check it out! You can find it in the Sub- Alpine Forest!



P.S. Check out my webosaurs coin code contest! No body has won yet! Keep trying!

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